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Nissan Skyline V36 Coupe - 60,000km+ odometer rewind

Shopping for a car? Looking at a used import from Japan? One might make the mistake of thinking Japanese History Check is anti-grey import. Quite the contrary! A used Japanese import can represent great value for money, many of the models which are only available via used import are of a higher grading than those sold locally - Japan tends to keep the best for themselves!

Further to this, between the sohpisticated auction and registration systems, Japan actually has really good system to allow you to verify that the mileage and condition of the car you're looking at is what it seems. The Japanese system for weeding out odometer windbacks and other dodgy behaviour is far more developed than the local systems in many importing nations. The challenge is in obtaining the correct documents, understanding how the system works, and being able to translate and interpret the findings. That's where we can help!

We took a look at this lovely looking red V36 Skyline coupe using our EXPRESS 48-hour turn around pre-purchase check. The car is currently for sale by a dealer in the northern Australian state of Queensland.

Here is the car as it currently is for sale, listed with only 40,555 kms on the odometer. The dealer of course is sure to mention the low mileage in his sales spiel:


"And apart from all that it is the lowest kilometre and cheapest one of its kind..."

Well Mr. Dealer, it's only cheap if everything checks out and is as you say!

When you purchase an EXPRESS check with us, we get you the auction sheet, a record of the inspection grading and notes from when the car was sold just prior to export in Japan. The auction sheet can give you:

  • The last recorded mileage before the car left Japan
  • Inspectors notes about the condition of the vehicle
  • The last owners notes/selling points about the car - can include details about which modification and important items were included with the car (eg. logbooks)
  • Details regarding cluster changes or repairs (which obviously affect the mileage reading)
  • Inspectors notes about accident history and repairs (if any)
  • Confirmation of model and variant information
  • Photos of the car at auction (usually available if the auction took place within the last 5 years)
  • We build in independent verification technology - to prove you're looking at a genuine Japanese History Check just scan the QR code!

Here's the EXPRESS check results for this car:


The vehicle went to auction at USS Tokyo in August of 2013 with 106,971 kms listed on the odometer. The vehicle was then complied for road use in Australia in October of 2013. This tells us that the dealer currently advertising the car wasn't involved in windbacking back the odometer, however should have done his research before aquiring the car as a trade in or similar! Unlike private sellers, it is the dealers responsibility to verify that the key details about a car are as advertised. When consumers purchase a used vehicle through a licensed dealer they have the fair expectation that in dealing with a licensed business, key details about the car will be true and correct. Unfortunately this dealer has failed to protect potential customers from buying a vehicle with a tampered odometer.

What these dates also tell us is that the vehicle has probably been driven a significant distance on it's "new odometer reading" since import back in 2013. As such, the true mileage traveled by this car is probably between 115,000 and 130,000 kms. This makes big difference to any consideration of whether the car is cheap or good value at it's advertised price.

Purchasing an express check with can help you make the right decision when purchasing an imported vehicle from Japan! If you'd like to request a check please complete our purchase form, and we'll be in touch.