Our Service & Mission

Digital odometers are at least as susceptible to tampering as traditional analog clusters.

Registration Certificate - an official Japanese government document recording mileage.

Auction Sheet - an inspection document giving buyers info about accident history, condition and mileage.

Japanese History Check aims to improve consumer awareness of dodgy import practices amongst those involved with export/import of Used Japanese Vehicles.

For years dodgy motor dealers & importers have been able to maximise their profits by buying cheap, high-mileage or accident repaired vehicles in Japan and selling them for top dollar as immaculate low-mileage vehicles in foreign markets. For buyers, though, it means you're not getting what you pay for. It can also mean a serious mechanical failure (more prevalent in higher mileage vehicles) may be just around the corner when you're expecting many years of trouble free motoring. Buying a car which was a used import from Japan? Learn what to look out for and how to get check key records from Japan!

Learn the tricks and scams so you can avoid them, our blog is filled with detailed, real-world examples.

Customer Reviews:

Saved me from purchasing a dodgy R34 GT-R two years ago. Would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to buy an import. It will save you a lot of heartache.

Used this service when buying my R34 GT-R, information was invaluable in the purchase process.

Good service and valuable info about my vehicle was obtained.

For peace of mind you can't go past JHC, when the car yard that I purchased my Evo 8 from were absolutely pathetic & wouldn't produce a history check JHC came to the rescue & luckily the car I purchased actually had genuine k's on it. All the information clear & precise & gave a full description of the auction papers & vehicle history.

Highly recommended if your buying an import and unsure about history of vehicle!

Friendly and fast service! Can't rate highly enough. Definitely a must for any used import purchase whether that be private sale, or through a dealer :-)

Very useful service, they let me know more about the car than what the seller led me to believe. They're very responsive to messages as well, definitely recommend them. Cheers guys!

Was so happy with the help I received put my mind at rest to know the vehicle I bought was genuine I am now the owner of documents which I will need if I ever sell my import thanks very much for all your help would highly recommend you get photos on end of documents to see condition as vehicle left Japan and the grade

Great service. I've already had my car for a while and wanted to confirm some details and the history check helped out heaps. Was quick and they were able to help with some additional questions I had. Somethings the sales guys just wont tell you, a little research and some help from Japanese History Check and you get a better picture.

Fantastic service.

Saved me from buying 3x Evos that all had windback km and/or damage. Essential part of buying an import!

I was about to purchase a used 5 year old Toyota Voxy in Jamaica. The car was very nice and showed just over 20,000 km on the odometer. But something about the dealer seemed shady. I ran a Japanese History Check before purchase and found that the car went through the auction in Japan about 4 months earlier with over 109,000 km. Thank you for providing this valuable service. You saved me from being ripped off. I am forever grateful.

I have used JHC twice now. The first time I used them was for a R34 GTR that was for sale locally. The dealer claimed that the car was not bought from auction and that it had no accident. The history check you guys provided proved otherwise! It was a grade "R." Needless to say I didn't buy that car. Spending the $85 for the report was well worth the piece of mind instead of potentially making a costly financial mistake. p.s. 2 years later, that dealer still has the car.

Simple, fast, and enlightening. Will use again! I highly recommend using their services before buying a classic that was created in Japan!

Really useful and fast. So i have the Papers for my Import and i know the Dealer doesn't had given me one thats fake. Would do Service again.

Highly recommended for anyone that is looking to buy imports. There are too many dodgy sellers that will do anything to rip you off. I bought 8 reports together before buying my car and 7 of them were trash, wouldn't be able to tell without checking history.

Great service! 5/5 stars

I have used JHC twice now to confirm if my stagea's have been legitimate. They give you the truth that the car dealers/salesman won't. Finding out if the car has been damaged or has a Kilometer imbalance is invaluable to your next car purchase. Without fail i use and recommend JHC services before any imported car purchase! Keep up the good work,Thanks JHC :)

  • Japanese Odometer Check $75 USD
    • Registration Certificate
    • Auction sheets
    • Dated mileage readings
    • Auction condition grading
    • Auction sellers notes
    • Auction repair history notes
    • English Translation
  • CarVX.jp $33 USD (3,500 JPY)
    • Registration database records
    • Auction sheets & records
    • Dated mileage readings
    • Auction condition grading
    • Auction sellers notes
    • Auction repair history notes
    • English Translation
  • JEVIC $124 USD (13,500 JPY)
    • Extended owner history document
    • Registration Certificate
    • Up to 2 dated mileage readings
    • Certified originals (22,000 JPY)
    • English Translation